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Best AmazonBasics Ultra Slim Wired Compatible Keyboard For Laptop Online India

Product Description

  • Low-profile keys provide a quiet, comfortable typing experience, Keyboard is NOT BACK-LIT. Cable length is 133 cms or 52.74 inches.
  • Hotkeys enable easy access for Media, My Computer, mute, volume down, volume Up, and calculator; 4 function keys control
  • previous track, Stop, Play/Pause, Next track on your media player
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Ships in certified frustration-free packaging

Best AmazonBasics Ultra Slim Wired Compatible Keyboard For Laptop Online India

Gadget: Best AmazonBasics Ultra Slim Wired Compatible Keyboard For Laptop Online India | Available On Amazon

Amazon Basics Wired Keyboard (Black)

Best Basics Ultra Slim Wired Compatible Keyboard For Laptop Online India

Amazon basics Wired Keyboard in black color with is accepted by almost by all as black is the most running color for all ruff and daily use with comfortable keys features even if anyone very new to type on Keyboard for them also its easy smooth keys as its a not backlit, can easily control all access like Media, calculator, Mute -unmute,& volume up-down now here we are suppose on working hours and want to enjoy the music too to just want chill out from work diversion while transferring our office files, images on Hard-Disk, while talking taking video conference on Webcam with the feature of keys we can just change our playlist track, stop, play /pause next track to our fav song on our media player with me year Warranty.

Long, Slim Stylish design no one can think of denying to go for it all we have to just attach to USB and we all are set to proceed to continue our work, in one touch of keys we can reach to our music, we can control video, can go back to computer calculator, one Wired keyboard we have access to control features the way we want to access.

Highlighting a few High-Quality Features in short and in detail will also be mention on the same to make everyone select the right Wired Keyboard

  • AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard Form Meets Function At Your Fingertips

My Note:-“Let’s Love our Music and work to wired Keyboard keys “

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Product Description


From the Manufacturer

AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard Form Meets Function 

This long, slim keyboard features comfortably spaced keys and one-touch access to frequently used functions.

Slimmer than most, this attractive, shiny black keyboard is modern and stylish. The well-spaced, low-profile keys allow quick and accurate movement, as well as making it easier to clean than most standard keyboards. The keys are quiet, quick, and responsive.


  • Long, slim, and stylish design
  • Just plug in the USB cable and you’re ready to go
  • One-touch keys for music, video control, My Computer, calculator, volume control, and more
  • Dimensions: 18×5.5 inches (LxW) 458×141.7 mm

At Your Fingertips 

Frequently used functions are just one touch away. Access volume controls mute, calculator, music, My Computer, video controls, and more. A Full-number keypad makes basic calculations a breeze.

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